Nina Rodin>2020> Wild Caviar movie







Wild Caviar movie

date > January 2020
media > HD video
size > 18 minutes
status > available

> Full title of the work:

Addictive, alluring, attractive, colourful, crazy, crusty, delicious, dripping, drooling, explosive, filthy, fleshy, fluid, heavy, hot, irrational, irreverent, luscious, messy, muddy, oozing, pasty, private, repulsive, sensual, serious, sexy, shitty, silky, slimy, sloshing, snotty, splashing, unctuous, violent, visceral, wild caviar.

> Caviar refers to the indulgent luxurious aspect of paint. This is my all-in exploration of the most un-scientific part of my practice, the sensual, visceral polar opposite of works such as The Clothes Project. Through it I sort of seek to reclaim my relationship to painting as something close and intimate. Inviting others to view this is quite challenging which I seek to express through the use of the peephole as a viewing device. Though the round aperture also references both the microscope and the telescope.

> The title is also a very deliberate nod to the work of Marylin Minter, Pink Green Caviar (on youtube here). This is a video which I used to reference to explain my attraction to paint and how waking up thinking about paint in such a way was one of the many reasons I left science and became and artist.

> Please note that the documentation shown here is not the actual work as experienced in the gallery. While it gives some indication of the reflections in the viewing tube, it is worth noting that when seen with only one eye through the peephole, the absence of stereoscopic vision creates the illusion that the 2D video is in fact 3D so that many people wonder for a moment if they are watching a live performance. In real life, slightly moving your eye in front of the peephole allows slightly different part fo the video to be seen. This means that for each snippet, you often need to look around a bit to identify which body part is involved.

> The full movie is available on vimeo here. Please contact the artist for the password.


> Trailer:

Wild caviar trailer from Nina Rodin-Artist on Vimeo.


> The work was first shown in my Berlin solo show with Karl Oskar Gallery:


> Installation at Positions Art Fair Berlin:

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