Nina Rodin>2020> Pulling the wings off the butterfly






Pulling the wings off the butterfly

date > January 2020
size > 50 x 39.5cm
media > wash paper, watercolour and gouache, entomological pins, entomology conservation frame
status > available


> This is the first work where I painted onto wash paper, cut up the painting and folding it into origami butterflies.

> The title comes from a comment by Lisa Milroy, RA, when she taught me at the Slade and I made Control Condition. She thought I was pulling the wings off the butterfly. I have always felt that when I cut paintings into little pieces, it is, more than anything, an act of love. And that painting can take it. It isn’t dying. Even when you cut it into little pieces, it is still full of life.


> Process: the painting on Japanese washi paper before it was cut up:

> The array of square pieces:

> The first fold:

> A painting turned into a handful of papers, each 6 x 6cm:

> The painting framed: