date > 2nd December 2019
media > forestry tape
size > approx. 4m high
status > can be installed in other places


> This was a pop up site specific installation in St Cergue on the 2nd of December 2019. I felt a need to reconnect a part of the installation made for the exhibition at Esp’Asse in Nyon to the forest.

> The title refers to the space in front and around the curtain on a theater stage and recognises the theatricality of the installation. The ribbons look like a theatrical curtain, their colour is entertaining and playful. But there is also a sense of drama which is important. The indoor installations and the performances done with these ribbons have been titled After the Party (see related works below), again referring to the end of a period of play.

> The curtain is made from forestry or logging tape made in Texas. I first encountered these in the Amazon forest where they were used for scientific studies of trees but they are more commonly used for the industrial logging operations. They are also used to label bodies in triage after natural disasters or in war zones.