Nina Rodin>2019> Housewife II - Hot







Housewife II - Hot

date > September 2019
media > Sculpture / Print
size > dimensions variable (depending on iron used)
status > available


> For a previous project I had painted and performed with a weather balloon which was punctured and ripped as part of the work. I have kept it in a cupboard filled with old paper palettes, paint skins peeled off glass palettes, glass filled with dried paint, offcuts from paintings, forgotten brushes solidified with paint. Rejects and trash but precious treasures at the same time. Symbols of my love hate relationship with painting: both sumptuous and abject.

> This work forms a pair with another one involving a household drying rack. Both are symbolic of juggling motherhood and other expectations placed on women with being a professional artist and a painter. I seem to oscillate between working with great conviction, assurance and presence and then doubting everything and things falling apart in my hands. I am both viscerally drawn to the material of paint and hating it for all the problems and challenges it throws my way. And my everyday is like doing the splits, a schizophrenic incompatibility between the idealist pursuits of the painter and the grounding of a sisyphean mountain of family laundry.


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