Nina Rodin>2019> For the love of paint







For the love of paint

date > May 2019
media > digital photograph
size > 1.7MB
status > private collection

> Photograph taken by Holly Birtles during our collaboration around my body and paint.

> The show Abstract Killer Women in Berlin was already in the works. During our collaboration, Holly took hundreds of photos of me and paint. Some she explicitly directed for her own practice, others were taken specifically to my criteria. This was neither one nor the other, and more a documentation of the set up. It is important to me because of the contrast between the messy and visceral colourful element of paint and body, contrasted with the white and grey coldness of the studio and the technical, scientific gear that frames it.

> The show Abstract Killer Women was divided into ‘crimes of passion’ and ‘premeditated murder’. I was the only artist with one work in each section. This photo in some ways embodies both types of executions: the cold and calculated, scientific one and the wild, passionate, instinctive reaction.

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