Nina Rodin>2018> Etant donné mon paysage intérieur





étant donné mon paysage intérieur

date > February 2018
media > mixed media site-specific installation
size > actual construction measured 100 x 100 x 70 cm


> A site-specific installation constructed in response to the ‘étant donné’ space at Andata/Ritorno which refers to Duchamp’s work of the same title. Constructed around the photograph titled ‘self-portrait with two failed projects’, the work also contains circles cut out from a large number of Nina Rodin’s old paintings; left-overs from books; left over origami birds; pots used to mix paints.

> Most visitors to the gallery miss this space entirely as the work is only visible through a tiny peep-hole in a sort of ante-chamber to the gallery. I chose to make something much more personal and intimate in this space and intimate (without giving anyone a view of my crotch as in Duchamp’s work) after finishing the installation of the rest of the show at the Andata/Ritorno gallery. I had had other plans for the space before starting the exhibition so this was a very spontaneous decision. I realised the rest of the show didn’t have any painting whatsoever and so I decided to use leftovers of old paintings on paper and on canvas. Also the show included nearly 12,000 self-portraits but not a single one of these really corresponds to how I see myself. For this, I needed this assemblage of a large number of my own failed works.

> A surprising effect of only being able to see the work with one eye was that viewers were not able to judge depth and so had difficulties identifying the photograph that formed the background of the installation as a flat image. Several people asked me if it was a mannequin. And how big the whole things actually was. It takes two eyes to detect distance, size and volume.


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