Categories of Near Infinite Permutations

gallery name > Andata/Ritorno - Laboratoire d’art contemporain
dates > 1-17th March
address > 37, rue du Stand; 1204 Genève; Switzerland

> 12,000 snapshots of a year’s worth of clothes. 1,000 different origami butterflies. 3,000 marks from artists studios. In each large scale installation a mesmerising multitude and yet infinitely more possibilities.

> Categories of Near-Infinite Permutations is an exhibition that will feature 3 large scale works - one filling a whole room - and a couple more intimate ones. All have in common that they will be made of thousands of elements in an array in which many more could be added. Through these pieces I explore the micro choices we make every day and the myriad possible combinations that can be sampled from the near infinity array of possibilities. They are an expression of my fascination with the complexities of the brain and of art which I see as inextricably linked. For me art is the direct manifestation of individual diversity. The work is more obsessive and meticulous than ever and perhaps closer to the aesthetic of the scientific laboratory than to the painters studio this time. The brush mark will only be visible to those who look closely at holes in the wall so come and see if you can find it.


> Images documenting the installation:


> The two large works in the first room, which also contained two custom-built tables with book works (see works shown list below):


> The second room contained a site-specific installation of the Clothes Project, comprised of the 12 books, the video looping on a free-standing screen, and all 11,985 photos printed and mounted on floating wall panels all around the room.


> As the lights had to be dimmed for the projection, visitors were given torch lights to explore the individual images.


> And then there was the installation in the ‘étant donné’ space that many people missed. An intimate space, only visible through a peephole.


> The gallery seen from outside:


> Writing for the show: a two page text about the thinking about the exhibtion and each of the works:

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> Writing for the show: a press release about The Clothes Project specifically:

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> Writing for the show: a list of all the works included with a short explanation for each (includes a price list)

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> Works shown:

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> Trailer for the clothes project:


> A little bit of my work has made it into Joseph’s 'cabinet de curiosités':