Nina Rodin>2017> 1000 Origami Papers





1000 Origami Papers

date > May 2017
media > video
size > 2:16

> For years I have been collecting japanese origami papers. I have done a number of works with large numbers of origami cranes that have ended up being meditations on complexity and diversity. Until now each set of a thousand or more birds had been done with some repeats in the papers I used but I started keeping just one of each wondering if I could get to 1000 from about 2010.

> Japanese origami papers come both in traditional and more modern patterns as well as a surprisingly limited palette of plain colours. But all the patterns use a combination of oft-repeated symbols (cherry blossoms, fans, water, maple leaves, birds, dolls, chrysanthemum to name but a few) and itís not uncommon to find exactly the same traditional patterns in many different colour combinations from different manufacturers.

> In the same way, our brains are basically indistingusishable from each other in that they all contain the same components but each mind has a different combination of connections and chemical states that account for the wondrous diversity of humankind.

> These papers will be used for a large framed sculpture but the collection of 1000 feels like a point of completion in itself.

> With thanks to all the friends who helped me assemble these.



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