Nina Rodin>2016> Topographies of Paint





Topographies of Paint

date > January - July 2016
media > gouache on fine nautical maps
size > 40 x 56 cm
status > available

> When I started on my BA in painting right after my foundation course, I was struck by how young painters seemed to follow certain tropes in their mark making. Every class seemed to contain one person into wild expressionist splatterings, one working wet on wet, one using masking tape or pooling or runnning or the palette knife etc... On my MA, I extended these observations into a comprehensive study of mark making across 7 London Art Colleges which resulted in the installation ‘2023 marks’ in 2010.

> The painting on these maps mimick some of these tropes on a background of fine nautical maps. The painted area is painstakingly confined to the land mass (using masking fluid and a fine brush) in a nod to paint’s origins in earth pigments. The gesture is meant to be both banal and precious. The juxtaposition of the exact number of the depths readings with the more visceral gesture of the paint is like a self portrait of my scientific mind meeting the unfathomable attraction of pigment and binder.


> Details:


> All six maps on the studio wall with masking tape (not framed yet):


> Details of each map:


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