Nina Rodin>2016> Hybrid (Study 2)





Hybrid (Study 2)

date > June 2016
media > gouache on giclée on archival Hahnemühle bamboo paper
size > 60 x 25 cm app.
status > available, unframed

> The starting point for this work, as so many in the last years, was the macrophotographs of marks made by students at 7 London Art Colleges that made up my large-scale installation ‘2023 marks’ in 2010. I printed these out with a view to using them as starting points for circular paintings on canvas.

> In the end, I found myself again pulled into the universe of details in each of these photos and the need to mimic the photographed mark with one of my own. I chose gouaches because of its opaque and matte quality which both blends in with the matteness of the paper but also floats neatly on top of the photograph as a separate layer. The new mark seems to me to reactivate the photographed paint with a sense of being touched.


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