Nina Rodin>2016> Amazon Layers





Amazon Layers

date > February 2016
media > mixed media on drafting paper
status > inconclusive

> On my second visit to the peruvian amazon, after setting up the residency there, I took some paints wiht me and architectís drafting paper. I limited myself to this support because of the high humidity of the amazon - drafting paper is made of polyester and doesnít absorb water. It also has a mat surface which sits well with gouache.

> Responding to the landscape as a painter is something I find difficult. I am put off by the romanticism of painting al fresco and dislike painting from photographs. Nature is to me something so complex that painting can only be a simplification. But by working with transparencies towards a possible book format, I hope to capture some of the layered complexity of the forest. The sense of endless entanglement, layers of fine lines drawn by vegetation hiding the most diverse fauna of the planet that all add up to an impenetrable opaqueness.

> The book is not finished at present - itís difficult to plunge myself back into the world of the amazon in the simple setting of my studio in Switzerland.


> Pages of the book spread out on a table back in Trelex:

> Pages of the book photographed on a light box:


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