Nina Rodin>2013> Fact and Fiction





Fact and Fiction (with Nicholas John Jones)

date > September 2013
media > oil on canvas (in perspex frame)
size > 65 x 100.7 x 55 cm
status > available

(in collaboration with Nicholas John Jones)

> I asked Nicholas John Jones, a young British abstract painter to prepare and paint 4 canvases in the way he normally works while he was at The Trelex Residency and to let me copy every gesture that he made. We started working on these in 2013 and in 2014 the series of 4 canvases and 4 copies was completed. The canvases are shown side by side with no indication of which is the original and which is the copy. The originals are however signed, dated and titled on the back, in the same way Nicholas John Jones signs, dates and titles all his work.


> Additional images:

> The 'experimental setup' at the beginning of round two:

> About the start of the project in 2012:

> Three of the pairs were framed in Perspex boxes for the solo exhibition Duplicata (link) and displayed on tables:

> The 4th pair have also been framed.


> This work was also shown in the solo show Duplicata: