Nina Rodin>2011> Painting is exhibiting curious symptoms




Painting is exhibiting curious symptoms

date > January 2011
media > 2 x-ray boxes, acrylic on acetate
size > 1.5 x 1.2 m times two
status > please email


> This work aims to juxtapose a scientific mode of enquiry and framing, a holding-at-arms-length, an objective investigation with a more emotional, subjective, historically loaded form of painting. The X-ray box illuminates the layers of paint that make up the painting but reveal nothing of the painting's meaning, if indeed it has any. The painting itself is a rough copy of a small offcut from another artist's painting. In this context I am also exploring ideas of framing (Derrida) and territorialization (Deleuze).

> work shown in a partly lit or dark space:


> Details: