Nina Rodin>2011> Control condition




Control condition (in collaboration with Sarah Knill-Jones)

date > March 2011
media > acrylic on canvas, 15min video
size > 95cm x 145cm x 4

> A collaborative project with Sarah Knill-Jones. In experiment 1, Nina Rodin copied a fragment of a painting by Sarah Knill-Jones while she in turn copied Nina Rodin in real time, using the same brushes and paint. In experiment 2, the setup was reversed. One second is filmed every 30 seconds.

> The resulting painting are both surprisingly similar and very different from each other. They seek to explore the possibility of a completedly detached 'expressionist', painting, question the ideas of originality and authorship as well as the antiquated notion of the 'hand of the artist' which still forms the basis of many value systems in the art world. The work also seeks to emphasize the tenuous difference between controlled and accidental mark and question how much control the artist can really exert on the finished product. Which part of this process can be said to be truly willed rather than incidental, despite the care taken in controlling the starting conditions?



> Further information about Sarah Knill-Jones's work can be found on her website:


> Further images of the experimental setup: