Nina Rodin>2011> Windows and screens




Proposal for ACVIC

date > February 2011
media > acrylic on acetate


> I proposed to paint directly onto the glass windows of ACVIC over a period of 10 days to 2 weeks. The glass panes will act as a transparent and inert support for the paint, much like a microscope slide or the vitrine of a scientific display. This performance will be digitally documented for direct, live publication on the web.
Through the windows and screens project, I intend to focus on the notion of data in paint. Is painting ‘data’ or does ‘data’ imply an idea of ordering and classifying, notions of information and meaning, which are not necessarily present in paint? As text and data become more and more commonplace in contemporary art, particularly through the medium of the web, so the historicity of painting sits more anxiously in an art world which increasingly relies on text and concept over image.
The stark grid of the windows provides me with an analytical framework, a re-territorialization of painting into a data-driven world. A forensic deconstruction of the painting process via digital documentation will systematically dissect the painting process into its component parts in a scientific process of distanciation. Yet the application of a pseudo-scientific methodology to the visceral emotional process of painting inherently fails and ultimately reveals little about painting and more about the limits of different knowledge systems.