Nina Rodin>2010> Roofs of Lisbon




Roofs of Lisbon - first print

date > January 2010
media > woodcut print
size > 40 x 70 cm
status > for sale


> This is the first print taken off the woodcut I made for Gavin Weber's project during the Heals residency. I was inspired by the drawings I had made in December 2009 from photographs of crowds. This one came from a photo taken while looking down on the roofs of the old town in Lisbon. I particularly like the confusion created by the vertical lines of all the TV antennas and the ladder.

> During the Heals residency, Gavin Weber arranged for an old woodblock press from 1830 to be moved from the Slade to the window of Heals. He provided mdf boards and invited all Slade staff and students to contribute to the project with a woodcut. These were then printed on request for customers at Heals and sold, unsigned, for £20 to raise money for subsequent collaborative projects.

> I also printed a signed limited edition of 10 prints on Fabriano paper and made some one-off variations from the print:


> Roofs of Lisbon - Coloured:


> Untitled (with palette scraps):


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