Nina Rodin>2010> Roofs of Lisbon




Roofs of Lisbon - woodblock edition

date > March 2010
media > woodcut print
size > 40 x 70 cm
status > for sale


> Signed limited edition print. On higher quality paper and more carefully printed than the prints that were sold during the Heals Residency. The residency prints were not numbered or signed.

> Because the block was printed many times, sometimes over-inked and sometimes left to dry with surplus ink, the line has changed dramatically from the first print taken from the same block (see related work below). I personally prefer the additional texture where the line of every cut is revealed inbetween the lines of the roofs themselves, adding to the sense of crowding.

> Related work: first print

> Related work. One-off variations on the theme:

coloured roofs    blurrer   blurred light   colour study