Nina Rodin>2010> Catalogue





date > March 2010
media > wood, nails, archival inkjet prints, graphite, cotton and fluorescent lighting.
size > 130 x 60cm (excluding cabinet)
status > not for sale


> This installation was made in response to the Strang Print Collection at UCL. High-definition digital photos taken for the online catalogue were cropped to retain only the mark-making in the work and taking away all reference to representation. The samples were printed and cut into the shape of labels and arranged alphabetically by artist name.

> The work questions to what extent the 'hand' of the artist is contained in the work, the possibility of originality in mark-making. In addition, it comments on the timelessness of art, the notion of fame (visible names include Anon. and Picasso). The work also invites debate on copyright issues.

> Detail of 'Catalogue': the name of the artist, the year and the collection catalogue number was written on the back of each of the 300 labels.

> In the exhibition, the work was shown in one of the old display cabinets and lit by the built-in fluorescent light which had not been used for many years but which I reinstated for this piece. The result was quite a stark scientific light.

> The top two images on this page are from UCL media services who own the copyright.